RF Modules 2 SAM

RF Modules 2 SAM is multi protocol RF Module with embedded antenna (built-in antenna) and 2 SAM Slots, which support with ISO 14443 A/B, Mifare, Felica, and ISO 18092 (NFC).



Host Interface USB 2.0 / RS-232, TTL
Program Memory 128 KBytes Flash
Data Memory 20 KBytes SRAM
Contactless Communication ISO 14443 A/B, Mifare, DESFire, FeliCa
ISO 18092 (NFC)
Card Speed 106/212/424/848kbps
Up to 424kbps for NFC P2P
Contact communication ISO 7816
2 SAM slot (1 SAM + 1 contact) 
Dimension 45 x 70 x 8(mm)
Application Identification System
Card Issuing System
Electronic Payment System
NFC membership/Payment System